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Is this possible?


I was feeding my five guinea pigs and one of them, Cocoa, started snorting and breathing really strangely really fast. I was so worried about her and would have immediately taken her to the vet but because it’s past midnight where I am there’s no clinics open right now. I held her for about an hour and her breathing gradually got more normal and she completely relaxed and even started chutting, purring, making other happy noises, etc. She’s back in the cage now with the others and it’s as if nothing happened, she seems totally fine. Is it possible she feigned illness as a way of getting attention? I don’t see a reason why that would happen but could it have? I’m monitoring her to see if anything changes and if it happens again I’m taking her to the vet asap


Thank you for letting me know. I think she might have been hyperventilating, she’s been fine throughout the day <3